First couple of games.


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  • Honking Lightsnort

    Hi Ramphaster/Adam, 

    Thanks for the feedback - this is all great! I think the Migrate issue you've mentioned is a bug so will pass that on to the dev team here. 

    We are also addressing the Main Menu so this will be more obvious in the final design. 

    In terms of Elements, if you play your Element Artefact on your turn (You are Land and you play the green Earth/Earth Element) this will give positive stars to your region. If you play your opponent's Element Artefact on your turn (You are Land and you play a green & blue Water/Earth Element and your Opponent is Sea) this will give you, as Land, positive blue stars and deal damage to Sea in the form of red stars. 

    In terms of the screenshots, please do add these to the Device Issues forums and call out which device you are playing on (Amazon, Apple or Android). 

    We are still working on the gameplay for the Omnibeast (stay tuned!), but the Lalnalion will act as a normal beast in the Battles mode. 


    Honking Lightsnort 



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