Feedback for first games (version alpha 1.4.3)



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    Hi Bristlebeak,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! We've been working to make the changes in turns more obvious, so hopefully that will emerge in later updates :-) 

    In terms of battling each other, we were hoping elements (and the weather mechanic attached to them) could play a part in strategy - but this is definitely food for thought! I'll pass on the rest of your points to the dev team too.

    Thanks again for the feedback - if there's anything else you come across as you go, please do go ahead and post it!

    - Ana (someone who is realising their name is slightly less fabulous than everybody else on the forum now!)

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  • Lauren

    My 8 yo son and I just attempted to play this on my iPhone x. Visually, the game is fine but on the first screen where you pick your element, I can only see the first line of descriptive words beneath each element.

    As for the battling itself, there really isn't any "battling" to speak of. Using this title is actually misleading because it implies some sort of action taking place directly between two or more teams; this set up is just a contest to see who can accumulate the most points (ie essentially, no changes have been made to the premise of the game). This is disappointing because neither my son nor I found anything to get excited about over this. There wasn't a way to see whose turn it was which made things even more confusing and less fun. Basically, weather interactions and building beasts as normal but calling it "battle mode" just isn't enough to make this entertaining.

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  • Ana

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks firstly for the feedback on the text display - I've passed this on to our development team to look into!

    Thanks also for your feedback on the game-play. Our intention was for 2-3 players to be battling in the sense of battling to make their region (and beasts) the strongest of them all, so you aren't working together to accumulate points like the cooperative game, but against each other, stealing beasts with migrates, using elements to damage or heal beasts (combining this with the weather mechanic in the sky that can heighten these effects) etc. This may not have been as clearly signalled as we'd hoped in the document we put together!

    The idea is that the music changes, and the guardians on the side of the screens become active to signal a player's turn, but I will pass this on, along with the rest of your general design feedback to our team.This is definitely useful for us to keep in mind, so thank you for taking the time to let us know :-)



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